Year 2017
Date Event Location Details More infos
26/01/2018 Annual General Meeting Room E. Auvray 1 2017 reports and Committee renewal (minutes in french)

18/03/2017 Saint Patrick's evening Community Centre Folk dinner and entertainment

01-02/04/2017 Ventôse Fair Le Parterre Park Stalls of the twinning associations at the fair

25-28/05/2017 Dourdan Twinners visit to Dunmow

St Albans and Great Dunmow

Stay with host families

3/4th June 2017 Medieval Festival Place Ch. de Gaulle & castle

Medieval games

9 th September 2017 Association Forum Community Centre Application for 2017/2018 English courses

7th/8th October 2017 Discovery trip to France Le Tréport & Eu Visit of a touristic place with our British Friends

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